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Being terrified of HIV

The HIV spread of the 80s may be over but many gay men today are still terrified of the virus. It’s an uncomfortable topic but I think it’s a side of the prevention programmes that hasn’t been talked about much.

7 thoughts on “Being terrified of HIV

  1. It’s actually refreshing to see that people still “worry”. I wasn’t sure. STDs seem to be so prevalent nowadays that we almost shrug it off as something normal. And the fact that one can live with, and maintain HIV is lulling some people’s worries.

    1. It is very true what you stated and I see the following development happening (If you’re a nerd like me you could call it a Gaussian-normal distribution trend): There’s only very few people in the middle who worry an approriate amount and then there’s lots of people who don’t care about STDs at all (basically as a strategy not to deal with overwhelming info and emotions) and then there’s a lot of people who worry too much. I wish someone would work on a campaign to level out the field.
      I hope what I just said makes any sense whatsoever to you 🙂

      1. It totally did. But we are human. There will always be people thinking/ feeling one extreme and other people who will think/ feel the exact opposite.

  2. Funny, I just returned from my state-wide summit conference on HIV/AIDS yesterday. You are not alone in your concerns and to be honest, more people actually SHOULD be worried. However, if you practice safer sex consistently and are on PrEP, there is probably no need to worry. Good post! Naked hugs!

    1. PrEP is not publically available in the country I live in. Even if it were I am not sure if I would wanna use it. I’m not a big fan of medication as I had some bad experiences with anti-depressants in the past.
      You’re right, most people probably are a little too careless, but I’ve met quite a few along the other side of the spectrum, wo would benefit from chilling a little. I’m one of them.
      Thanks for your feedback! xoxo

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