Hey there. And welcome to my little space.

To live my life more honestly, even on social media, I’ve decided to merge my business homepage and my private blog. Whenever I’m not saving lives as a local superhero (Psst! I have to stay undercover), I work as a graphic designer. Check out some of my work below!

You can download my portfolio by clicking here (4 MB)

I also like to write down my thoughts. My mind is a very chaotic place and I’m trying to find some order. I mostly write about dating, LGBT+ stuff, mental health and our fucked up society. Sometimes I just wanna be stupid fix dumb ‘inspirational’ quotes. I finished my studies in psychology in 2017 and always have that perspective in mind no matter what I do.

To seem more official than I actually am, I have a separate portfolio here.

Hit me up if you’re interested in working together. Or if you wanna go on a fancy date with good wine (your company pays).